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Health Care Compliance Supervisor()
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- Health Care Compliance Supervisor(1 )



1) Business Partnering

- Partnering with franchise and/or department leadership team to ensure compliance ownership and right tone at the top.

- Acting as a consultant, provide day-to-day guidance, advice to covered employees.

- Support ethical decision-making capability within the business by participating franchise and/or department leadership team meeting, reviewing promotional strategies and other significant business initiatives. 

- Ensure business activities with HCPs/government officials are planned in consistence with applicable HCC policies and procedures by reviewing and pre-approving those activities.

- Review and communicate with other countries HCC team for Cross border Activities related to business activities


2) Transparency Reporting

- Manage Accurate transparency reporting process and communication 

- Analytical data review and validation

- Communication with internal stakeholders relating to transparency reporting

- Close connect with regional TRT team for reporting data preparation


3) Training & Communication

- Deploy HCC policies and/or procedures in covered franchise and/or department by providing necessary training and/or communication to covered employees, managing changes, and monitoring implementation.

- Tailor HCC training materials to fit into the needs and business context of covered franchise and/or department, and delivered frequent trainings to covered employees at various levels such as franchise/department leadership, regional level, and/or territory level.


4) Monitoring

- Participate company HCC monitoring program to identify warning signals and/or gaps, and provide meaningful feedbacks to franchise/department leadership so that appropriate corrective actions are taken accordingly.


5) Others

- Following up on the Management Action Plan, and guide the business partners to close gaps and implement corrective actions.

- Reporting unplanned deviations and support HCC Officer in Managing day-to-day allegations and investigations.

- Providing metrics to HCC Officer and Operations group as required.

- Assist investigation related to covered business areas




1) Requires Healthcare compliance or similar role experiences in Medical or Pharmaceutical industries

2) Also preferred finance experience / SOX or any internal control in Medical or pharmaceutical industries

3) Requires strong communication, organizational and analytical skills

4) Broad business experience and a proven ability to influence business decisions and business partners, especially in Medical device or Pharm. Industry

5) Ability to take complex business situations and develop solutions to ensure compliant growth is achieved

6) Background may include Compliance, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Medical Affairs, Legal, Pharmacovigilance Regulatory or Auditing.

7) BA/BS, advanced degree or equivalent preferred

8) Breadth of experience in all areas of:

- Compliance and regulation

- Devising and implementing SOPs

- Testing and monitoring

- Training

9) Independent and objective thinker, able to advance ideas and influence others

10) Manages conflicts in an open and constructive manner

11) Strong drive for results and solution orientated

12) Fluent in English (reading, writing, verbal)

13) High level of integrity with good ethical core values

14) Ability to make and stand by difficult decisions 

15) Good interpersonal skills



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