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[글로벌 의약/의료장비 기업] 마케팅 매니저
글로벌 의약, 의료장비 도소매업   2019-01-11
매니저   4년제 대졸
서울 강남   진행
1. 수행업무


  • Develop an adequate marketing strategy under Marketing Manager’s objectives to increase Alcon’s market share in units and values in the market, in synergism with the other business and support units of the company.

  • Achievement of annual and long term Sales and Profit Objectives.

  • Direct control over Promotion and Marketing and Direct Selling Expenses according to guidelines established in the Profit Plan.

  • Identifying, retaining and developing Marketing Assistant to assure the achievement of annual and long term Sales and Profit Objectives.

  • Sound management of Sales Terms, Distribution Channels and Policies and Commercial Policies.

  • Efficient, timely and accurate reporting of Marketing and Sales activities, results, opportunities and exposures to Marketing Manager or Sales & Marketing Director.

  • Identification of exposures and opportunities in the market, including but not restricted to competitors strategic analysis.

  • Responsible for new product introductions interacting with all related areas.

  • Comply with all legal, regulatory, and ethical business requirements in executing the assigned roles and responsibilities as defined in the local regulation and the Corporate procedure.


2. 자격조건

    - 4년제 대졸 이상

    - 경력연차 :10년 ~ 13년차 전후

     - 영어 가능자


    - 우대사항 : 컨슈머 제품 마케팅 경험자

                      제약사 마케팅 경험자

 3. 연봉

    - 면접후 협의 


 - 워드 양식의  국문 /영문 이력서 각 1부   (자기소개서, 경력기술서 유첨)



적합도가 현저히 낮은 경우 연락드리지 않을수도 있음을 양해바랍니다.

* 후보자는 헤드헌팅에 관한 비용이 없습니다.(고객사부담)

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