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[외국계 다국적 코스메틱기업 ] Senior Online Retail Associate
외국계 다국적 스킨케어 코스메틱 기업   2021-06-17
대리~과장   4년제 대졸이상
서울 강남   진행
(1) 업무 내용


 Kakao Gif Management


      - Work with a team of high-performing analytics, and cross-functional teams to identify business        opportunities, optimize  product performance or marketing efforts.

   - Design and analyse experiments to test new product ideas or marketing strategies. Convert the        results into actionable recommendations.

   - Develop and manage weekly, monthly, and quarterly business reporting, working across              multiple teams to identify and present high-level insights to key stakeholders and executives.

   - Communicate findings to line manager and evangelize data-driven business decisions


(2) 자격조건

- Bachelor’s degree

- 5-6 years of work experience in business planning and performance management involving         quantitative data analysis

- Ability to communicate information effectively to a variety of groups at different levels

- Business proficiency in both written and verbal English

- Self-starter who takes the initiative to get things done

- Willingness to dig-in and understand the data and to leverage creative thinking and problem-  solving  skills are absolute musts

-· Excellent communications skills, with the ability to synthesize, simplify and explain complex problems to different types of audience, including executives



(3) 제출서류


 - 워드 양식의  국문 /영문 이력서 각 1부 (경력기술서, 자기소개서, 사진 유첨)



적합도가 현저히 낮은 경우 연락드리지 않을수도 있음을 양해바랍니다.


* 후보자는 헤드헌팅에 관한 비용이 없습니다.(고객사부담) 

◈ VISION 2010 경영혁신 大賞 수상`

◈ 2010 한국컨설팅대상 HR부문 대상 수상`

◈ ISO 9001:2008 인증기업 


담당:  원경림 이사

유선: 02-6925-3341

무선: 010-2751-5485

메일: won@bbp.co.kr          

원경림   이사
02-6925-3341/010-2751-5485   won@bbp.co.kr