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[글로벌 spa 패션 브랜드] Communication Generalist (PR)
글로벌 SPA 패션 브랜드   2023-06-15
Generalist   4년제 대졸 이상
서울 강남   마감


 1.Create strategy and manage all PR initiatives leading collaboration with media and    influencer. 
  2.Organize and execute all local events for media and influencer.
  3.Develop and distribute press release for corporate issues and other brand news. 
 4.Supervise and manage agencies for corporate PR, fashion PR and influencers and   evaluate performance. 
 5.Supervise product loan operation for media, influencer and stylists using digital   showroom.
  6.Consolidate all PR project results and share report with HQ.
 7.Build strong relationship with local media, influencer, stylists and KOLs to maximize    coverage.
  8 Support internal communication activities in collaboration with HQ. 
  9 Monitor and analyze market trend and competitor activities in order to strengthen HQ’s    understanding of market in depth.
  10.Provide seamless communication with HQ team in verbal and written English 
  11.Budget planning and management

  2) 자격요건


 - Bachelor’s degree in related field 

 - Minimum 5 years of working experience in PR field 

 - Business Level in English 

 - Strong relationship with key media and influencer is a plus

 - Knowledge of organizing, budgeting and planning of fashion events

 - Advanced OA skills


3) 제출 서류


 워드 양식의  국문/영문 이력서  각1부 (경력 기술서,,사진 유첨)



 적합도가 현저히 낮은 경우 연락 드리지 않을 수도 있음을 양해 바랍니다.


* 후보자는 헤드헌팅에 관한 비용이 없습니다.(고객사부담) 

◈ VISION 2010 경영 혁신 大賞 수상`

◈ 2010 한국컨설팅 대상 HR부문 대상 수상`

◈ ISO 9001:2008 인증 기업 


담당:  원경림 이사

유선: 02-6925-3341

무선: 010-2751-5485

메일: won@bbp.co.kr     

원경림   이사
02-6925-3341/010-2751-5485   won@bbp.co.kr