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Area Visual Merchandiser
글로벌패션기업   2023-11-04
면접후 협의   4년제 대졸이상
서울 강남   마감
 1.업무 내용

    1). Implementation of the Visual Merchandising strategy in the region 
       - Taking full responsibility for Visual Merchandising and the image of the stores, ensuring standards of
          excellence that provide an exceptional shopping experience. 
       - Planning and organizing the layout of the new collections following the guidelines set out by Store
        director of Korea and adapting them to each store. 
       - Adding value to the image of the stores in their area and suggesting ideas for improving it. 
      -Applying changes in the image set by the company to the stores in their area. 

    2.) Analysis and reports  
    - Pinpointing points to improve and things that are lacking in order to present products from a commercial 
l     point of view, analyzing with their RM.
    - Gathering feedback on needs on a weekly basis and passing it on to the corporate offices in order to
    develop action plans and suggest improvements. 

   3). Team management 
    - Aligning objectives and developing the store coordination team. 
   - Assessing, training and supervising the team’s performance according to the defined guidelines.

   4). Communication 
   - Giving and receiving constant feedback to and from the sales coordinator in store 
   -Being a connecting link between International Coordination and the store. 
   - Conveying messages from the corporate offices to the areas and providing feedback regarding the
     perspective and condition of the stores.

 2.자격 조건

    - Ideally over five years of experience in retail/luxury coordination 
   - Experience in both garment and accessory display 
   - Knowledge of SPA brand store,
   - Trend spotter 
   - Fluent English is a must. 
    -Advanced level of OA skill is require

[ 제출 서류}  워드 양식의 국 / 영문 이력서 (사진 유첨) /포트폴리오

 적합도가 현저히 낮은 경우 연락 드리지 않을 수도 있음을 양해 바랍니다.


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