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We also have a new and exciting partnership with Bravo Consulting Company based in China.
For more effective Korea-overseas co-operation, we operate a Global Division within the Seoul Headquarters.
Global business represents a dynamic and challenging opportunity for BB Partners. Through the best
consulting talent, business acumen and powerful strategic reach, we are able to take advantage of new
trends and apply competitive foresight to all of our operations.

Introduced BB Partner’s system as a pioneer in Korea’s new breed of specialist HR consultancies
Studied Management and Engineering at Chung Ang University and Korea University
Studied Business at Central State University (USA)
Vice President at California Ocean Investments (USA)
Experienced management consultant, investor and global business analyst

Major experience of construction, machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and global sales competitiveness
Veteran senior manager with rare insight in talent acquisition and company growth
National Winner of 2010 Korea Management Innovation Award Author of many articles for newspapers and magazines on the subject of business and commerce
Personal interests include science, nature and fitness
Yoga enthusiast and expert on diet, nutrition and wellness.
Keen fan of 'National Geographic' and reader of critical writings (religion, philosophy, asceticism).

Sungkyunkwan University of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Studied English at Churchill House in the UK Worked in Doosan Company as a Mechanical Engineer in technical team Accomplished many projects of Constructing, Reconstructing Factory Lines and Installation of Mechanic Equipments
Wide Experience of Factory Automation and Cost Reduction

Focused on Mechanic and Automobile, Manufacturing related industries Also Specialized in Foreign based companies

Plan to expand the scope of interests into Environment, Energy and chemical Industry

Studied in Macquarie University M.A. in Translation & Interpretation(Sydney, Australia)
Director at Childu & Compass Learning Asia and Chungdahm Learning
Worked in MBC Australia & Dippin’ Dot Korea as a simultaneous Interpreter
Well versed in both English and Korean
Managed teaching faculty and operations/administration staff
Managed and assisted in the development and cultivation of a SMART learning curriculum
Responsible for marketing strategies leading to new customer base
Planned and executed various sales seminars and informative workshops for consumers
Planned, organized, and executed quarterly marketing strategies with head of business division
Facilitated faculty seminars to market curriculum to new/existing customer base
Created sales strategies and efficient business operation models to increase product exposure
Responsible for the management of finances, HR, consultation program and sales, operations, and marketing at a regional level
Responsible for recruiting and training new instructors in a rigorous career development program
Taught conversational English, reading, TOEIC, TOEFL, and Listening
Planned curriculum and lectures