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The company grew out of the successful management consultancy
Daeyoung ICM and its later subsidiary Orico Company Ltd. It was
immediately the catalyst in a continuing programme of growth via new
contracts with equally innovative organisations. Hard work always
pays off.

Due to geographical boundaries these sectors (such as renewable
energy and urban improvement) were often under - represented within
the peninsula. BB Partners was one of the first to realize the importance
of these sectors. We also realized that innovation is achieved
via the medium of ‘talented people’ and less through out of date
management systems. In 2006 we established an arm of recruitment
expertise in Indonesia and this formed the springboard for the next
phase of our company. The establishment of our office in Gangnam,
Seoul was the recognition of six years of hard work. The company
quickly made a name for itself in an industry that has many players
but few leaders. We are not just recruiters, many of our consultants
are experts in their respective fields. They continue to advise and
assist companies in other areas such as business strategy, marketing,
and IT, to name but a few. We were proud to establish a global
division last year that took in the US, UK and Australia - no small feat
for a Seoul recruitment company.

It has certainly been a challenge and particularly so
within the current global economy. Survivors are to be
congratulated, however those who attain even greater
profitability deserve a celebration. We have developed
smart working systems and a continual programme of
education for our consultants - this is a priority for our
CEO. Many talented and bright candidates who are
seeking a new challenge in their careers choose
BB Partners either as a trainee consultant or as a new

Our recent contract win with Bravo Consulting Company in China was the culmination of some serious man
hours and sustained dedication from our team. Winning the 2010 Korea Management Innovation Award
was the ‘icing on the cake’ for us and some well received press attention followed. The new branches in
Daejeon and Incheon mean that we can supply talent and service our clients much quicker, even beyond
our endlessly complex capital city.

Our new English website and rebranding begins a new period of growth and is marked with our renewed
excitement that the best talent and the best skills can triumph over any economic gloom.
A journalist once asked our CEO how his company was prospering whilst many others were downsizing.
The answer, as always: people, the best people.